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UVSA strives to protect and defend the integrity of the veterinarian but we recognize that consumers are looking for other options online to seek out diagnoses and products for their pets and animals, all outside of the traditional veterinary practice setting. UVSA is committed to providing our members with research into consumer expectations and preferences as a part of our Industry Insights surveys.

The United Veterinary Services Association (UVSA) recently unveiled commissioned research on the impact of COVID- 19 on pet owner behaviors and attitudes related to veterinarians as a result of the pandemic and quarantine rules and restrictions.

The research was conducted by APG|O’Hara Research and Analytics in March 2021 of a representative sample of 2009 primary and shared decision-making cat and dog pet owners in the United States. 

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Surveys focused on retail and ecommerce dynamics and shifts, on the consumer experience with veterinary services, and on pet nutrition and the role veterinarians play in pet nutrition advice and selling or recommending of pet food. 

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