Why Join?

UVSA will fulfill its mission by designing programs and services that will help distributors, manufacturers, and suppliers remain relevant in the veterinary supply chain through a three-pronged approach focusing on the promotion of supply chain optimization; providing a voice for the industry and industry insights through targeted research to help understand consumer expectations regarding veterinary services. All of our events will support the mission and focus on these three areas of interest.

Supply Chain Optimization

To ensure a secure supply chain, UVSA informs and educates members and the industry on a variety of topics including product integrity, cold chain, and more.

  • UVSA has developed a New Product/Item Set Up Form that will standardize the submission of new items or products by suppliers to distributors.
  • Future projects to improve supply chain efficiency may include standards for units of measure and in transit product security.

Voice of the Industry

UVSA builds coalitions between animal health industry segments that improve the livelihood of our member businesses in the animal care community. We have joined with the Animal Health Institute (AHI), American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA), and other animal health organizations to form an animal health coalition focused issues impacting our industry like opioid taxes, non-economic damages, and drug take back legislation.

  • In order to provide UVSA and our members with a greater focus on regulatory and compliance issues, UVSA has hired the Animal Policy Group to represent us on these issues and to help us engage government relations and compliance staff within our member companies to craft policy determinations and to provide grassroots support.
  • UVSA members may subscribe to the IQVIA eReg Monitor Regulatory and Legislative Monitoring service at a significantly discounted rate in order to remain compliant with laws and regulations related to Federal and State Drug Quality and Security Act and Veterinary Drug Distributor licensing requirements. Companies subscribing on their own pay over $10,000 for each of the two surveys covering these areas; UVSA member subscribers pay $3,800 for both surveys.
  • UVSA is a proud sponsor of the Human Animal bond Research Initiative (HABRI) to achieve formal, widespread scientific and public recognition of the positive impact pets have on people’s health.
  • UVSA supports the Catalyst Council, an organization dedicated to raising the level of care and welfare of cats since 2010. The CATalyst Council, a non-profit entity, was created that includes three distinct groups: Veterinary Medicine, Shelter/Animal Welfare, and related Industry entities such as Foundations and Cat Fanciers, the Media, and commercial companies.

Industry Insights Surveys and Research

UVSA strives to protect and defend the integrity of the veterinarian but we recognize that consumers are looking for other options online to seek out diagnoses and products for their pets and animals, all outside of the traditional veterinary practice setting. UVSA is committed to providing our members with research into consumer expectations and preferences as a part of our Industry Insights surveys.

  • UVSA has conducted two surveys in 2019 with leading consumer research firm, Packaged Facts, focused on retail and e-commerce dynamics and shifts and on the consumer experience with veterinary services.
  • UVSA will be conducting a third survey this summer on pet nutrition and the role veterinarians play in pet nutrition advice and selling or recommending of pet food. These studies have focused on consumer expectations and will provide data that can be used by our members to assist veterinary practices with their businesses and better understand consumer demands and expectations.
  • Other areas of focus for future surveys may include wholesaler and supplier benchmarking and emerging markets.

Events with a Purpose

UVSA events are all designed and produced to support its mission and its focus on Supply Chain Optimization, becoming the Voice of the Industry and serving as the resource for Industry Insights.

  • UVSA Annual Conference – No other industry event connects the who’s who from senior-level distributors, manufacturers, and suppliers outside of the hectic trade show environment than the UVSA Annual Conference. Exchange ideas, gain a unique perspective, and strengthen contacts in a relaxed, personal setting.
  • Gathering Reception at VMX – This networking event sponsored by UVSA, Animalytix, and KC Corridor is one of the premier networking opportunities at VMX in Orlando, Florida, and always attracts a-list attendees from distribution and supply in the industry.
  • Pet Night on Capitol Hill – UVSA is a proud sponsor of 2021’s Pet Night on Capitol Hill which provides an opportunity for members to meet with legislators and staff to discuss issues of concern to the animal care community.
  • UVSA offers periodic webinars to members on industry research, supply chain optimization, and other topics of interest.

Become a Part of UVSA – The Pulse of the Industry

As the vital link between animal health distributors, manufacturers, and suppliers, UVSA fuels growth for every segment of the industry. Joining UVSA is the best way for animal health distributors, manufacturers, and suppliers to maximize the value of their partnership.

  • Build business relationships and opportunities through UVSA events and programs.
  • Influence a broad spectrum of issues that affect our business and our animals and pets.
  • Access Exclusive Industry Knowledge and Research.
  • Speed products to market and improve profitability through supply chain optimization.