Supply Chain Optimization

To ensure a secure supply chain, UVSA informs and educates members and the industry on a variety of topics including product integrity, cold chain, and more.

  • UVSA has developed a New Product/Item Set Up Form that will standardize the submission of new items or products by suppliers to distributors.

  • Future projects to improve supply chain efficiency may include standards for units of measure and in transit product security.

The Power of D

Value: the power of effective distribution

The Power of D — the value distributors bring to the supply chain in the animal health industry. Some feel that consolidation at the distributor level has reduced the Power of D.

Though distributors are fewer in number than in years past, the volume of products and dollars flowing through the channel is greater than ever. Here’s a reminder of how manufacturing companies benefit from the Power of D.

Veterinary Product Distributors and Manufacturers: Executive Summary of a Survey on Preferences and Opinions of Purchasing Decision Makers in Veterinary Hospitals

power of d