The Voice/Advocacy

UVSA builds coalitions between animal health industry segments that improve the livelihood of our member businesses in the animal care community. We have joined with the Animal Health Institute (AHI), American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) and other animal health organizations to form an animal health coalition focused on issues impacting our industry like opioid taxes, non-economic damages and drug take back legislation.

  • UVSA has hired the Animal Policy Group to represent us on these issues and to help us engage government relations and compliance staff within our member companies to craft policy determinations and to provide grass roots support.

  • UVSA members may subscribe to the IQVIA eReg Monitor Regulatory and Legislative Monitoring service at a significantly discounted rate in order to remain compliant with laws and regulations related to Federal and State Drug Quality and Security Act and Veterinary Drug Distributor licensing requirements.

  • UVSA is a proud sponsor of the Human Animal bond Research Initiative (HABRI) to achieve formal, widespread scientific and public recognition of the positive impact pets have on people’s health.  Learn more about HABRI here.

  • UVSA supports the Catalyst Council, an organization dedicated to raising the level of care and welfare of cats since 2010. Learn more about the Catalyst Council here.